• How to apply for a TFN
  • How Tax is applied to income
  • How to understand a payslip
  • Navigational guide or introduction to
  • What is a tax return, and why do I need to do one
  • How to complete a tax return
  • Where to find help or guidance


  • What is superannuation
  • Why do I pay super, and why is it important to me
  • How and when can I access my super
  • How do I find lost super
  • Can I choose my own super fund
  • Where to go for superannuation help or guidance

Applying for Rental Accommodation

  • How to find appropriate rental accommodation
  • Affordability / Location
  • Application processes (state to state)
  • Understanding Tenancy Agreements
  • General costs involved, eg, rent up front, bond etc
  • Housing Tribunals
  • Where to find help and guidance

 Understanding Banking / Online Banking

  • Overview of online banking
  • Types of bank accounts
  • Online banking
  • Online shopping
  • Understanding how interest charges are applied
  • Recognising secure websites
  • Identity theft
  • Where to find help and guidance

 Credit Cards / Debit Cards

  • Overview of borrowing money
  • Types of credit
  • Costs involved
  • Legal obligations
  • Credit ratings
  • Credit contracts
  • Understanding of interest charges
  • Transferring balances
  • Fast loans and store credits
  • Safe options for online banking
  • Where to go for financial help and guidance

 Buying and Maintenance a Vehicle

  • Owning a vehicle
  • Suitability of a vehicle
  • Funding the purchase
  • One off and ongoing costs
  • Car loans
  • Types of insurances
  • Where to go for help or guidance

First Job / Employment

  • Income and tax
  • Budgeting / Saving
  • Appropriate workplace behaviour / responsibilities / rights
  • How to read a payslip
  • Employer expectations
  • Employee rights
  • Where to go for help or guidance


  • Why you need sleep
  • How sleep effects our bodies
  • Drowsy drivers
  • Insomnia
  • Illness related to sleep deprivation
  • Where to find help of guidance


Health Insurance

  • Who needs Health Insurance
  • How do I compare plans, what do I look for
  • When do I need to have Health Insurance
  • Why do I need Health Insurance
  • What is Medicare

Food and Nutrition

  • How and why nutrition is so important
  • Food as medicine
  • Access to nutrition professionals
  • How to breakdown the mass of online information
  • How to meal plan on a budget
  • Healthy eating meal plans
  • Local resources, farming, markets
  • Seasonal eating
  • Where to go for help or guidance

Overseas Travel

  • Safe overseas travel
  • Where to find trustworthy information
  • Vaccines relative to countries
  • Types of visas required to travel
  • Who to go to for responsible guidance
  • Where to find help or guidance

 Goal Setting

  • Why setting goals is important
  • Benefits of goal setting
  • How to identify and accurately set goals
  • Aware of / utilising strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthening on our weaknesses
  • Acknowledging and reflection of achievement and failures
  • Where to go for help and guidance


  • What is happiness
  • What makes us happy
  • How to be in control of your own happiness
  • Books that help guide us to happiness
  • Where to go for help and guidance


  • What is a healthy relationship
  • How to recognise unhealthy relationships
  • The benefit of healthy relationships
  • Realistic expectations of others
  • Realistic expectations of yourself
  • Where to go for help and guidance

Tertiary Study Options

  • What life looks like at;
  • University
  • TAFE
  • ADFA

 Buying House / Property

  • Will you ever be able to afford to buy property
  • Types of home loans explained
  • Taxes applied to buying and selling houses
  • State by state taxes explained
  • Where to go for help and guidance

 Mobile Phone Plans / Self Regulating on Technology

  • Device affordability
  • How use affects cost
  • Phone contracts
  • Legal obligations
  • Negative affects and overuse
  • Where to go for help or guidance

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How to Survive Year 12 (Year 11 Topic Only)