Kobe has worked in schools for the past 6 years as an in class teacher and now offers her skills, knowledge and experience to help students increase their confidence and ability in certain subject areas. Contact us to find out how Kobe can assist you in your academic learning goals.


Young Adult*


Kobe has worked with young people for nearly 20 years.  She has experience working with a diverse group of young people and has extensively studied human behaviour with a special interest in the effects of trauma and helping individuals break free and develop a healthy sense of self worth. Kobe works to provide her clients with the skill set to be independant, resilient, capable, and to enjoy the highs and lows of life, knowing that all experiences lead to growth and evolution.

*results guaranteed upon meeting with guardians and young person.



A 6 hour package including interactive activities and all the essential topics for up to 100 students.  This package also includes a 60 minute motivational talk on the experiences Kobe has to share for the benefit of the participants.  Stories of resilience, courage, independence, finding self worth and breaking free from the stories that don't serve you.

*Plus any required travel costs.



Kobe shares experiences from her own life story, overcoming trauma, having low self esteem, not fitting in to the schooling system, feeling different and provides realistic advice based on her own experiences to motivate and inspire students.

***Plus any required travel costs.