Kobe has worked in schools for the past 6 years as an in class teacher and now offers her skills, knowledge and experience to help students increase their confidence and ability in certain subject areas. Contact us to find out how Kobe can assist you in your academic learning goals.


Young Adult*


Kobe began studying her Masters in Education but found that the University system provides a ‘standard, and academic’ approach to what she felt needed a more realistic and applicable skill set. If people are going to change their lives we need to be able to intervene their thoughts and patterns to create new, more positive thoughts and actions to create real change.

*results guaranteed upon meeting with guardians and young person.



A 6 hour package including interactive activities and all the essential topics for up to 100 students.  This package also includes a 60 minute motivational talk on the experiences Kobe has to share for the benefit of the participants.  Stories of resilience, courage, independence, finding self worth and breaking free from the stories that don't serve you.

*Plus any required travel costs.



Kobe shares parts of her own life story and experiences to demonstrate that by getting out of our own heads we can begin to create change for ourselves.  Striving to guide people to a life of power and awareness that we all create our own reality. An experience not to be missed, and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

***Plus any required travel costs.