About Life Skills for School Leavers

Kobe has designed a program in response the current behaviours of young people and their experiences within the education system. When her own daughter was nearing the end of her schooling years she started to think about what it is that we (as parents/carers/adults/employers) actually want for our young people to have/be at the end of their schooling years. She concluded that what we really want for our children is for them to be happy.

Knowing that happiness isn’t something that we can be every minute of every day, we also need to ensure that young people develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities to be independent, resilient, courageous, have a healthy value of self worth and be able to keep going and face the inevitable challenges when life gets tough.

Life can be challenging, and on occasion, it most definitely will be, however we must help young people to develop strategies and skills to face these challenges, which is a the core of the LSFSL program. As well as discovering their purpose in life.

Kobe is a qualified Middle/Secondary Teacher, a mother of 3, and a passionate educator.  She has 20 years of experience working with young people. Her story is unique and engaging and she draws on her own life experiences to connect and teach others. Combined, Kobe’s skills have been maximised to ensure that she provides a professionally delivered course that will be guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on participants.