About Life Skills for School Leavers

‘Life Skills For School Leavers’ is such an exciting program, as there is nothing like there out in the market.  This program has been specifically designed to provide skills and knowledge around topics that are not covered in enough detail prior to students leaving school.  Here at LSFSL, we want to reach as many students as we can, so we have made the information available online, as well as in presentation form either in the community or secondary schools.  We deliver up to date, relevant and engaging information on topics that will target the key skills that students will need to develop after they transition away from school.

Kobe is a qualified Middle/Secondary Teacher, a mother of 3, and a passionate educator.  Additionally, she  has years of previous working experience and employment across a range of industries such as Accounting, Youth Work, and as a Teachers Aide.  Kobe’s story is unique as she uses her life experience along with her professional skills to connect with students across the country.  Kobe left home at 12 due to abuse in her home environment and fumbled her way through to her adult years.  Throughout her journey, Kobe discovered what skills are necessary for individuals to be able to take control of their lives, live independently, responsibly and with confidence.  Kobe works to inspire others to make changes in their lives and to demonstrate how to have the POWER to be/discover who they are meant to be and become the best version of themselves.

Her passion is to inspire students and young adults to

  • be responsible for themselves;
  • not be ‘victims’ in the ‘game of life’;
  • be able to have the required information to make informed decisions about themselves and their lives;
  • have access to professional guidance;
  • not be overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that adults have;
  • be confident in themselves and their abilities;
  • AND to know how to set up their adult life!

Kobe has combined her career knowledge and her passion to work with adolescents and young adults to create engaging modules that will target the key issues often overlooked through the transition to living life as an adult. The ‘Life Skills For School Leavers’ program is extremely unique, and has been developed to specifically target gaps in learning and to assist participants to be more confident, to feel safe and informed as they begin new phases of their lives.

Combined, Kobe’s skills have been utilised to provide a professionally delivered course that targets many of the topics relevant in today’s world.